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'Converting code from16c54 to f84'
1998\10\16@085759 by cousens

I am trying to port a program written for a 16c54 to a 16f84
it's the equ that I'm having trouble with.

I have an old message from Tony Nixon (2/7/98) on converting
the code but it mostly covers the Instruction set

I have managed to get it to build but am listing many errors ?

55      d1      movlw   0xA5
56              movwf   count2
57      d2      decfsz  count2
58              goto    d2
59              decfsz  count1
60              goto    d1
61              retlw   0x00

       build results
Message[305]... snip... 57 : Using default destination of 1 (file).
Message[305]... snip... 59 : Using default destination of 1 (file).
continues 100 more times !

Any help greatly appreciated
Peter Cousens
email:  phone: + 3081 380534
snailmail:  Folia, Agia Fotini, Karteros, Heraklion  Crete, Greece.

Is it true that they have, on the new version of windows
managed to increase the MTBF from 95 to 98 minutes ?
(That's why they called it 95)

1998\10\16@112010 by Peter L. Peres

picon face
> error message / warning

The assembler must be told where to put the result of the operation. You
don't write:

 decfsz THIS


 decfsz THIS, W


 decfsz THIS, F

Where W is EQUd to 0 and F is EQUd to 1 (usually by the assembler
itself, else add them by hand in your header file).


1998\10\16@121108 by support


The reason for the warnings is that you aren't setting the destination
register (0 for W register, 1 for file register). MPASM is simply telling
that it is using the default destination of 1. The code should be written
more accurately to avoid errors like...

> 57      d2      decfsz  count2,1
> 58              goto    d2
> 59              decfsz  count1,1

Or if f is equated to 1...

> 57      d2      decfsz  count2,f
> 58              goto    d2
> 59              decfsz  count1,f

Stephen Holland

> {Original Message removed}

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