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'Conditioning contacts, terminations etc with incre'
2007\10\07@030854 by Russell McMahon

> I have spoken to others using the query "you have been involved in
> cleaning connectors etc for receive elements but have you ever had
> to
> do similar maintenance for transmit elements" to which the answer
> has
> so far been  "No". My explanation is naturally because there is
> serious current flowing thru a transmission path but the currents in
> a
> receive path are in the order of uA.

Metal to metal contacts have "wetting current" levels below which they
act as you have described. The required current varies with metal pair
involved. Metal alloys have been developed with the aim of reducing
wetting current. Gold-Gold is very good, which is why its used despite
the expense and softness.

I'd imagine that a DC current in such circumstances would very likely
improve the situation. In some cases severely. Make a case to your
boss to trial it. With suitable filters DC could be present

I'd be surprised if this was not already done.


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