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PICList Thread
'Command confirmation request cancelled'
1997\01\23@020345 by Eddie

picon face
I am fed up with this list server.
#@$#@*@@@ (curses deleted)
This is the 4th time i have tried to stop the rubbish.
maybe some of you guys can make your listserv more
user useful.
give the programmer another banana or something.

> L-Soft list server at MITVMA (1.8b) wrote:
> >
> > Your command:
> >
> >                                 SIGNOFF PICLIST
> >
> > has remained unconfirmed  for more than 48h and is  being cancelled. If you
> > did want it executed but were unable to send the confirmation in time, just
> > re-issue the command to get a new  confirmation code. The one you were sent
> > before can no longer be used.

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