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'Code won't assemble (now going sorta) [OT]'
2000\03\14@164809 by Quitt, Walter

I believe that's spellt:


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Subject: Re: Code won't assemble

Andrew Warren wrote:
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As Homer would say - Dohh!!

Works now |:-)

Best regards


2000\03\14@172804 by picxpert

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I beleive that Mr. Nixon is making a reference to the television show "The
Simpsons". One of the central characters, Homer Simpson, is well known for
saying "Doh!" whenever he does something wrong.

-Randy Glenn -

Ineptitude is a sure indicator of intellect.
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2000\03\14@175950 by Jinx

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D'oh !!    (off any amount of merchandising)

> I believe that's spellt:
> "DUH"
> As Homer would say - Dohh!!

2000\03\15@052221 by Mike Miller

I also believe spelt is spelt spelt not spellt ;-)

"Quitt, Walter" wrote:
> I believe that's spellt:
> "DUH"
> {Original Message removed}

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