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'Code for PIC16C84 to DS1202'
1996\10\30@012124 by Ken Parkyn

picon face
Hullo all;

Does anyone have code for the above interface which they wouldn't mind
forwarding to myself?
I need to read and write to the calander chip, and must use the DS1202
'cause I've got a
bucketful in stock.

TIA, Cheers!

Ken Parkyn             email:
Electronics Workshop   phone: (07) 3875 7289
Home:                  phone: (07) 3841 5135
Division of Science and Technology  fax:   (07) 3875 7656
Griffith University
Nathan QLD 4111
Australia  Office: Science 2  Room -1.17

1996\10\30@055309 by dontronics

Ken Parkyn wrote:
{Quote hidden}

Hi Ken, try:
It's for the 54, but simple to convert.

Don McKenzie
DonTronics Tullamarine, Australia

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