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'Circuit Cellar article'
1998\11\18@170414 by Gavin Jackson

Hi there

Could anyone help me with a copy of the article in
Circuit Cellar, Design Forum with the article on
Design 98 with PIC's, video capture device.

I'm very interested in building a frame grabber,
but you need some high speed devices and I'd
like to see what they have to say about it.
The A to D chips do conversions at 30MHz. How to
heck do you buffer something at that speed?

Has anyone on this list tried to build something
like this before? I'd like to build one for composite


ICQ# 18675389

1998\11\18@172313 by WF AUTOMACAO

Gavin Jackson wrote:
{Quote hidden}

Spectronix has a kit! It's works fine! The sample is in TURBO C, using the PC pa
rallel port!

If someone near you don't send the article, please, let me know, that i will sen
d you the article
copy by fax!


1998\11\18@182558 by Dennis Merrill

I built one for a school project.  If you would like to see the spec.s and
the results, go to and check
out the link to the Live Video Capture card. It worked quite well.  The
resolution was only 100x100 but that could have been increased with a
larger memory buffer. If you want to do, color, that's where the high speed
digitizing is really necessary. Otherwise, all you need to do is detect the
synch pulses (there are IC's to do this), and digitize during the luminance
signal. Whatever you sample at during that pulse is your resolution. It's a
fun project! I'd be glad to help with any more specific questions you have.

At 11:00 AM 11/19/98 +1300, you wrote:
>Has anyone on this list tried to build something
>like this before? I'd like to build one for composite

Dennis Merrill, BSEE         work:
Firmware Engineer            home:
Embedded Systems Group
Nicolet Instrument Corp.    phone: 608.276.6136


1998\11\18@205446 by Matthew D Krotzer

picon face
I don't have subscriptions to alot ( any ) of magazines. I make up for it
at the library, sometimes I have another library fax me an article that
my branch does not subscribe to. They have also given me the option of
having them faxed to me.

Thanks for reading,
Matthew Krotzer

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