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'Central Office Model (Subscriber Line)'
2000\02\06@065845 by Cser Laszlo

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2000\02\06@072412 by paulb

Cser Laszlo wrote:

> The two inductances have an impedance of 200 Ohms each,

 No, they have a resistance of 200 ohms.  THeir working impedance is
far higher.

> the coupling capacitors are 2uF each.

 Not *that* brings back memories!

> What does the 900 ohm resistance represent in the model?

 It models the "other end" of the connection.

> At which junction does the AC (voice) signal enter through from the
> heart of the Central Office?

 You substitute it for the 900 ohm resistance (making sure your source
still has an impedance of 900 ohms.  If it is less, add the remainder as
a resistor.  Make sure it is either floating or balanced.
       Paul B.

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