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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Video capturing using PICs.'
1996\12\16@023541 by Oyvind Kaurstad
1996\12\16@081934 by Jens Dyekjfr Madsen
1996\12\16@084212 by Fred Thompson
1996\12\16@222923 by Sarunas Cepulis
1996\12\17@022951 by Jens Dyekjfr Madsen
1996\12\17@030247 by Oyvind Kaurstad
1996\12\17@035854 by Jens Dyekjfr Madsen
1996\12\17@050505 by mike
1996\12\17@062853 by pavelk
1996\12\17@103304 by Customized Controller Solutions
1996\12\17@105204 by Martin J. Maney
1996\12\17@121510 by Bob Blick

'Capturing IR Remote Codes'
1997\11\24@091758 by Tom Handley
1997\11\24@134237 by Mike Keitz
1997\11\24@163952 by Martin Darwin
1997\11\25@045712 by Paul BRITTON
1997\11\25@123715 by Jorge Pi
1997\11\27@043243 by Alan King
1997\11\27@135917 by Tim Kerby
1997\11\30@032046 by Tom Handley

'Capturing IR Remote Codes'
1997\12\01@040720 by Tom Handley

'[PICLIST] Capturing power line waveform'
2000\07\28@011622 by Percy Rojas
2000\07\28@050834 by Simon Nield
2000\07\28@115332 by -1?Q?Jerko_Golubovi=E6?=
'[EE]: Re: Capturing power line waveform'
2000\07\28@124125 by Simon Nield

'[EE]: Re: Capturing power line waveform'
2000\08\04@060426 by -1?Q?Jerko_Golubovi=E6?=
'[PIC] : capturing IR code with PIC'
2000\08\16@101844 by ckchan
2000\08\16@113327 by Simon Nield
2000\08\16@122131 by ckchan
2000\08\16@122914 by Tim Hamel
2000\08\16@124209 by Simon Nield
2000\08\16@132603 by Dan Michaels

'[EE]: Problem capturing BCD input'
2001\03\10@124641 by Joe Denehan

'[EE]: Capturing BCD from TC4511'
2001\05\06@063410 by Joe Denehan
'[PIC]: Capturing MPLAB simulations to a text file '
2001\05\29@202740 by Antonio L Benci

'[PIC]: Capturing serial data'
2003\03\19@071844 by Rodrigo Real
2003\03\19@143205 by Banjo Spam
2003\03\19@145031 by andrew
2003\03\19@161328 by Rodrigo Real
2003\03\19@163222 by
2003\03\19@171935 by Kyrre Aalerud
2003\03\19@173610 by William Chops Westfield
2003\03\20@065637 by Rodrigo Real
2003\03\20@070255 by Rodrigo Real

'[PIC] how CCP to capturing pulse longer than 0xff'
2003\11\28@223338 by paul x
2003\11\28@234018 by D. Yates

'[EE] pixel capturing'
2006\05\12@132040 by Harold Hallikainen
2006\05\12@152034 by Herbert Graf
2006\05\12@154032 by Mike Harrison
2006\05\12@164354 by Harold Hallikainen
2006\05\15@092145 by alan smith
2006\05\15@213655 by Robert Ammerman
2006\05\15@231623 by Harold Hallikainen
2006\05\16@040949 by Alan B. Pearce

'[SX] Capturing an ISDN Signal'
2006\06\12@061110 by XGenn/a
2006\06\12@064748 by SteveWn/a
2006\06\12@075225 by XGenn/a
2006\06\13@182043 by Peter Van der Zeen/a

'[PIC] Capturing pulses in sleep mode'
2006\10\05@073059 by David
2006\10\05@080619 by Alan B. Pearce
2006\10\05@081910 by David
2006\10\05@085441 by Jinx
2006\10\05@093314 by Jinx
2006\10\05@162754 by Mike Harrison
2006\10\05@185031 by David

'[OT] Castle Capturing,was Re: Why not nuclear? (W'
2007\12\10@090059 by Alan B. Pearce
'[OT] Castle Capturing, was Re: Why not nuclear? ('
2007\12\11@012933 by Apptech

'[EE] Capturing RFID output data'
2009\09\14@191016 by Roger Weichert
2009\09\14@202334 by enkitec
2009\09\14@202811 by Jinx
2009\09\14@203335 by Jinx
2009\09\14@203718 by Jinx
2009\09\14@204143 by Charles Craft
2009\09\14@204504 by Jesse Lackey
2009\09\14@210917 by Brent Brown
2009\09\14@211942 by NOPE9
2009\09\14@213217 by Roger Weichert
2009\09\14@213809 by Jinx
2009\09\14@214320 by Roger Weichert
2009\09\14@214426 by Jinx
2009\09\14@215322 by Roger Weichert
2009\09\14@215412 by Lee Jones
2009\09\14@220907 by Roger Weichert
2009\09\14@223624 by Roger Weichert
2009\09\15@000907 by NOPE9
2009\09\15@010108 by Roger Weichert
2009\09\15@034316 by Mike Harrison
2009\09\15@060459 by Roger Weichert
2009\09\15@072931 by olin piclist
2009\09\15@100557 by Robin D. Bussell
2009\09\15@220912 by Jake Anderson

'[EE] Capturing RFID output data'
2009\10\12@100035 by Martin McCormick

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