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PICList Thread
'Can Macintosh people play?'
1994\06\15@092747 by Mike Harpe

I have to admit that I am getting very curious about the PIC series of
chips.  I am becoming increasingly frustrated by the availability problems
that daunt Motorola products.  The idea of being able to order chips from
Digi-Key really sounds nice....

Sorry if this is an FAQ, but what's available to support us Mac users
who want to use the PIC?  What else do I need to get started?

Mike Harpe
University of Louisville
Michael Harpe, Communications Analyst III          Information Technology
Internet:               University of Louisville
(502) 852-5542 (Voice) (502) 852-1400 (FAX)        Louisville, Ky. 40292
"He's not a man, he's a remorseless eating machine!" - The Simpsons

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