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'COM84 programer trouble -Reply'
1999\10\31@192215 by Chuen Ming Tan

I faced the same problem. In my first few times programming
everything seemed ok. When loaded with large code something close to
1k, the programmer always give me error messages. Sometimes able to
program but cannot verify correctly. I tried several PCs from
Pentium75, Pentium120, Pentium266 to Pentium200. The Pentium75 seems
able to do it best, but still quite unsatisfactorily.

>>> Mike M <spam_OUTelektrikmanTakeThisOuTspamDYNAMITEMAIL.COM>  18/10/99, 10:23am >>>
Well ive done everything, i used the slowdown program and that didnt
give me an error with the verification proccess, and the read process
went through i guess..since the chip is blank, but i didnt get any
errors just put it like that.  HOWEVER, i still cant program
anything.  I tried adding a seperate 12.10V supply to the reset and
swiching it i can not get this thing to work.  Has anyone ever
actually got this to work than can really help me??

I would just buy a real programmer but im a begginner and dont want
to waste a few hundred on something that i may not use on a permenent

mike m.

On Fri, 15 Oct 1999 23:59:09 +0200 Ernst Aardal <.....ernstKILLspamspam@spam@AARDAL.COM>
>You must use the slowdown software that you will find at the same
>as pip and com84. With a 486 and a slow pentium (less than 90MHz) it
is ok
>without the slowdown software.
>John Mullan wrote:
>> Most PC com ports do not supply enough voltage to put the chip
>> programming mode.  My AMD K6 333 will not program via my bare
>> programmer.  However, many "Multi-IO" boards with com ports on
them do
>> work.  I put one into my 486 and have no problem programming.  the
>> programming voltage has to be OVER 12volts.  11.9 will not work
>> Try your programming efforts on a few different computers and you
>> likely find one that works.
>> John Mullan
>> {Original Message removed}

'COM84 programer trouble -Reply'
1999\11\01@104052 by mark
{Quote hidden}

You can try the following :

1. Use the shortest cable from the programmer and the COM port.

2. Disable the External/Internal Caches in the CMOS Setup.

3. Change the 10 uF capacitor in the LUDI programmer for a 1000 uF one.

4. As a last resource, try an external +5V supply to the PIC's VCC pin.

Marcelo Puhl
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