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'CCS Compiler'
1998\07\15@171424 by Octavio Nogueira

 Does anyone was able to use the I2C function of CCS Compiler?
I'm having troubles with it.

Thank you

Octavio Nogueira  - e-mail:
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Data: Quarta-feira, Julho 15, 1998 04:46
Assunto: PIC - TETRIS

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1998\07\16@081242 by WF AUTOMACAO

Octavio Nogueira wrote:
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Oct‡vio! Eu j‡ utilizei para ler rel—gios Dallas I2C sem problemas!


55-47-3233598 R32

'CCS compiler'
1999\03\05@154612 by Barry King
I am also using the CCS compiler and am not impressed- it works great
for small applications, but the RAM management is poor once you want
to go to the larger RAM parts (more than two banks).

I really liked the idea of built in library support for I2C master
and slave-- except that it has bugs.

Can any of you Hi-Tech users tell me if there is library support
(that works) for the I2C slave or master?  Does the long integer
math support work well?

I'm thinking of switching, if you hadn't guessed...


Barry King, KA1NLH
Engineering Manager
NRG Systems "Measuring the Wind's Energy"
Hinesburg, Vermont, USA
"The witty saying has been deleted due to limited EPROM space"

1999\03\05@161105 by silicontao_roy

I am using the CCS compiler and found that the RAM management is far better
then that of Hi-Tech's compiler.
We are programming 16c77's and with the Hi-Tech we had almost use 100% of
RAM and ROM but on the CCS we recovered about 10% of each and it works
great. We are using RAM in all 4 backs of the 77 without problem. Of course
it really depends what your doing with your app and what works for me would
not necessarily be best for you.
As for the IIC we found that the CCS is great for that and with the Hi-Tech
our IIC only worked about 95% of the time. We spent months trying to find a
bug in our code and decided that it must be a problem with the compiler.
The one thing I really like about Hi-Tech is the 32 bit integer math, the
only week spot is in the operational assignments like *= += /= %= will not
work, a miner inconvenience.
Hi-Tech also follows ANCII C more closely then CCS, this made changing from
Hi-Tech to CCS harder. For example to toggle a pin in HT RB1=!RB1; but in
CCS it is OUTPUT(RB1,!INPUT(RB1)); this may seem to be a bit much but I
believe that is why we recovered 10% of the ROM over the HT compiler.
Just my opinion.

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1999\03\06@190923 by silicontao_roy

>I'm sorry, but I can't believe in it.
That is ok. What works for me does not have to work for you.
I was just pointing out the results that we found.
We have to stay with C because we intend on changing the platform to PC104
some day soon.

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'CCS compiler'
1999\12\20@142640 by Peter Schultz
part 0 16 bytes

1999\12\20@150211 by Peter Keller

part 0 1314 bytes
x-html> I had the same problem and mailed it to CCS.
Here the answer:

This is reported for the Install Program, however, after installing, you
will find no infected programs on your PC.

We believe that this is an error in the anti-virus checking  since no other
files on our PC show a problem and the problem only shows after file

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1999\12\20@162736 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs

On Mon, Dec 20, 1999 at 11:13:37AM -0800, Peter Schultz wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have tried to download the latest and greatest version of CCS compiler.
> Before I start my virus protection was come-up with a message this file contains a virus.

If you're using Norton Anti-Virus and it reports a "Bloodhound Virus" then
you can ignore it. NAV (at least in some versions) tries to be clever and
look for things that might be a virus. They call this "Bloodhound" technology.
I call it a pain in the you-know-where. It has affected quite a number of
people, mostly related to compressed install-type files.

Clyde Smith-Stubbs               |            HI-TECH Software
Email:          |          Phone            Fax
WWW:    | USA: (408) 490 2885  (408) 490 2885
PGP:   finger   | AUS: +61 7 3355 8333 +61 7 3355 8334
HI-TECH C: compiling the real world.

1999\12\20@170556 by Peter Schultz

Actually it reported a W95 chernobyl virus.
I checked with both utilities Norton and McAfee too.
I was scared to death because it is a dangerous virus.
Just make sure I did not screw-up with something else, first I checked my
laptop with both utilities and no virus found. After I tried to download to
my laptop and both utilities reported a virus.
I was a CCS user and since in my new workplace I am using the HiTech, I
started to realize why every serious developer recommend HiTech.

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