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'CCPR1 Reset'
2000\03\19@174330 by David E. Olson

Hi there,

I'm mucking about with a CCP routine and, if I'm reading it right, CCPR1 is
updated for each capture. If that's the case, then why doesn't mine change?
I'm doing an every falling edge event and then processing an ISR that is,
for now, dumping the contents of CCPR1L into PORTB.

The data sheet says "If another capture occurs before the value is read,
then the old value will be lost" - that indicates to me that it would
continually update with the value of whatever is in TMR1 and I'd get some
fancy dancing LEDs on PORTB. (My watch window confirms the CCPR1 not
changing too).

Do I need to reset TMR1 in the ISR?

Just for yucks, I put in a counter and incremented it when the ISR fired, so
my ISR is indeed getting pinged for each event.


2000\03\19@181855 by Tony Nixon

picon face
"David E. Olson" wrote:
{Quote hidden}

TMR1 does not reset in capture mode.
Have you enabled TMR1.

Best regards


2000\03\19@184141 by David E. Olson

> TMR1 does not reset in capture mode.
> Have you enabled TMR1.

Umm. Nope. Sheesh. Works great now. It should have known ;)


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