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PICList Thread
1998\07\21@140041 by paulb

Russell McMahon wrote:

> Once upon a time the standard "terminal" was an ASR110 (if I recall
> the name correctly (ASR = Automatic Send & receive?)) - a glorified
> electromechanical typewriter which worked at, naturally enough, 110
> Baud.

 Well, I may be wrong, but the most popular "terminal" was made by the
TeleType corporation (Logo: Letters "TT" with a square wave background)
and called an ASR33.  "ASR" indeed stands for "Automatic Send/Receive".
The variants include "KSR" which is "Keyboard Send/Receive"; which had
no paper tape reader/ punch; and receive-only, tape senders,
perforators, etc.

 33 is the model number and this machine could operate at the high
speed of 110 Baud as well as 45.45(!) or 50 Baud.  The later ASR/KSR43
was a dot-matrix teletype which could do at least 300 Baud and you could
co-exist in the same room for extended periods without earmuffs!

> It also had a limited number of characters that it could print and so
> only printed upper case

 The ASR33 was ASCII code, but had a limited type-drum now I come to
think of it.  It printed all upper case, but you could type in mixed
case - you just couldn't see it as such!

 Hey!  *Who* remembers the IBM "golfball" machines?  These had the full
character set and - you could change font in 20 seconds or so.

> This may be the reason for the "early" use of upper case only.

 That's about the size of it.

> Offline storage was paper tape (a paper-tape reader/writer was
> included) - I wonder how many PICListers have seen one of these?

 Sad to say, when eventually offered one (right price), I had to say
"no" as I hadn't the storage space.  Second thoughts - itt was a KSR and
I wanted an ASR.  Later however I did pick up a DECwriter (plus a second
for spares without the case!)

       Paul B.

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