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'CALL ID systems & 16Khz Taxation Pulses'
1996\10\24@090103 by hjmuller

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Hi all,
I  want to know how the CALL ID system works too? (TELEPHONE CALLER
IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM) This system is implemented in the US ROBOTICS MODEMS
SPORTER Vi Series.
I want to build this with pics 16C84 or others depending of software
requeriments or algorithm complexity.
Other topic of my interest is :
Somebody have specifications for 16KHZ TELEPHONE TAXATION SYSTEM ?
Please point to  WWW Site for ISO specifications !!!
Circuits schematics or software algorithm on this topics are welcomed...

Thank in advances

Hugo J. Muller
Parana - Entre Rios - Argentina

1996\10\28@113304 by Francesco Loconte

On Thu, 24 Oct 1996, Hugo J. Muller wrote:

> > From:    VIKRAM BAJAJ <vikramspamKILLspamINDIA27.MATRAMHS.FR>
> > Hi Everyone,
> >
> > Does anyone know of any sites ( preferably ftp ) which have files
> > on circuit examples or any circuit diagrams etc? In case someone
> > has build a circuit which can interface with the phone line and
> > recognize the telephone number of incoming call using PIC micro-
> > controller, please let me know. I want to build two circuits using
> > PIC 16C84: Techometer for calculating the speed of motor and a
> > circuit which recognizes the incoming call number.
> > ------------------------------
> -------------------------------
> Hugo J. Muller
> E-mail:
> Parana - Entre Rios - Argentina
> -------------------------------

Hi everyone

I' m interesting to know how can i recognize INCOMING CALL .
If you know a sistem that use any type of microprocessor or in particular
PIC16C84 please write me .
Or else if you know any sites where i can find information about it.


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