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'C-Compiler vs. Macro assembler (for small PIC:s)'
1995\02\06@035443 by Conny Andersson

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I have read the messages about various "big machine" c-compilers which may be
portable to pic:s. I must say that there is no reason to program a 0,5k to 4k
microprocessor using such a compiler. It's probably better to use the powerful
macro features in MPASM to make small code fragments and make code writing

I usually start a project by writing special macros for input and output such as
TSW SkipON and TSW SkipOFF. This macro tests input from a port pin (Tilt Switch
connected) and if this input is ON the next instruction is skipped. If you need
to change pin function, just edit the macros.
I also have a couple of macros for conditional jumps (test for carry, zero, ...)

If we are talking about the 16C42 when used in microprocessor mode you might
want a C-compiler ... (it takes time to write 64k of assembler instructions).

Conny Andersson / LiTH

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