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'C source for PIC16F84'
1999\05\05@174821 by hno

Hi PIC-listers

Can anyone point me to a good site or ressource contating C source for
PIC's. I am currently working on a project with a PIC16F84 and a serial
interface to a HD44780 based LCD display, and I am stuck with a few
problems, so I could really use some help and examples to look after.

Thanks in advance

Henrik Nowak
Electronics Engineer Student

1999\05\05@220834 by ronruss

Try the site. Although it is new, the intent
is to focus on C with the PIC. More info is planned for the

Henrik Nowak wrote:

{Quote hidden}


From: Ron Russ
  EMICROS  - Embedded Micro Software
  CANPORT  - Lowest cost PC to Controller Area Network Adapter
  CANTEC11 - 68HC11 SBC with Controller Area Network

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