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PICList Thread
'Bloody FAQ !'
1994\06\02@183058 by Tom

picon face
Just a pre-first draft sampler to prove that it's under way. :-)
I'm waiting for input from Microchip themselves, but so far the
offical reaction has been somewhat underwhelming.
Oh, and don't you dare quote the whole bloody thing back at me !

--------------------------- CHOP HERE ---------------------------
This article is a collection of information sources for the PIC
family of microcontrollers (and variants).

The following topics are addressed:

     0)  Index

   1.1)  Who put this FAQ together?
   1.2)  How can I contribute to this FAQ?
   1.3)  What newsgroups will this FAQ be posted to?
   1.4)  Can I distribute this FAQ or post it somewhere else?

     2)  ABOUT THE PIC
   2.1)  The PIC microcontroller
   2.2)  PIC representatives and approximate prices

     3)  PIC Utilities
   3.1)  FTP sites for the PIC
   3.2)  BBSs that support the PIC
   3.3)  Programming languages (3rd Party)
   3.4)      -:-     hardware     -:-               -:-

   4.1)  Periodicals that cover the PIC
   4.2)  Books on the PIC
   4.3)  Miscellaneous documentation on the PIC

     5)  What's next.


1.1)  Who put this FAQ together?

       The members of the PIC  NEWS LIST via
       i.e.  yourselves.

1.2)  How can I contribute to this list?

   Please, if you have any suggestions corrections or additions,
   notify me by E-MAIL.  :   Thank you.

1.3)  What newsgroups will this FAQ be posted to?

   This FAQ will be posted to the following newsgroups:

   The schedule for posting will be once a month.

1.4)  Can I post this FAQ to my local BBS?

   I am putting no restrictions on the use of this FAQ except - It
   be distributed in its entirety and no financial gain may be
   from it.


Comments & Descriptive prose .... anyone ?

2.1)  The PIC microcontroller

   The PIC series are eprom based 8-bit microcontrollers
       developed by Microchip Technology
               <List of Addresses to go here >

2.2)  PIC Variants

               List required here


   This section includes pointers to software for the PIC.
       FTP sites and BBSs

3.1)  FTP sites for the PIC

               Currently checking.....

# (formerly
# (
# - Email (not ftp)

3.2)  BBSs that support the PIC

               Mchipbbs, Don Lekei

3.3)  PIC programming languages (3rd Party)

Host m/c                PC

Prog. Name      ASPIC   Shareware `C' assembler  (reg = $100 CDN ($69 US))
               **DESIGNED** for embedded controller design
               the shareware license has an unusual clause absolving
               those who only use it for non-commercial purposes

Supplier/Author Don Lekei  <
               BBS at (Canada) (604) 597-3479
               - One assembler for 16c5X, 16c7X, 16c8X, 17c42
               - Compatable with PICSIM (MPSIM)
               - Compatable with MAKE, and with auto-error tracking editors
               - Many times faster than PICALC (MPALC)
               - Standard base notation (Intel & Motorola format)
               - CODE and FUNCTION macros
               - Auto register bank management
               - Text/data translation
               - Automaticly generates RETLW tables for text and data tables
               - Built-in version management and assembly control functions
               - user command-line switches
               - many other features
               -character set translation (eg. for LED, LCD, and On Screen
               - bit labels, environment labels, etc.


Host m/c                Macintosh

Prog. Name      uASM

Supplier                Micro Dialects Inc,
               PO Box 190,
               Loveland, OH 45140,
               Ph: 513/271-9100.

Features:               An integrated text editor, assembler
               and communications modules. fully supports macros,
               automatic labels, local labels, conditionally assembly,
               includes to 10 level deep.
               The editor supports up to 10 open files at a time, full
               search and replace including grep searches,
               file size limited only by RAM available.  
               The emulator supports data transfer up to 38,400 baud.

               MDI is currently working on an upgradeto support the
               16C71, 84, 64, and 17C42.


3.4)  PIC Programming Hardware (3rd Party)

Product         programmer
Model           ????
Supplier                Beradine Products Ltd,
               PO Box 86757,
               North Vancouver,
               BC CANADA V7L4L3,
               Ph: 604/988-9853.

Contact         Gary Anderson

Features                RS-232 terminal serial port compatible programmer
               Supports communications up to 38,400 baud,
               stand-alone or host operation,


4.1) Periodicals that may cover the PIC.

   The Computer Applications Journal (Circuit Cellar Ink)
       - programming and construction articles
       - POB 7694, Riverton, NJ  08077-8784
       - FAX: (203)872-2204
       - Voice orders: (609) 786-0409
       - On-line orders (BBS): (203) 871-1988
       - Email orders:
       - $21.95, $31.95 surface Canada and Mexico,
         $49.95 air all other countries

   Computer Design
       - industry announcements and trends
       - One Technology Park Drive, P.O. Box 990, Westford, MA  
       - (508)692-0700

   The Computer Journal
       - programming and construction articles
       - PO Box 535, Lincoln  96648

   Dr. Dobbs Journal
       - programming articles, concepts and designs
       - 411 Borel Ave., San Mateo, CA  94402
       - (415)358-9500

   Electronic Engineering Times
       - industry announcements and trends
       - 500-B Bi-County Boulevard, Farmingdale, NY  11735
       - (516)293-3000

   Electronics Now
       - construction articles
       - Box 55115, Boulder, CO  80321-5115
       - $19.97 one year

   Elektor Electronics
       - programming and construction articles
       - World Wide Subscription Service Ltd
         Unit 4, Gibbs Reed Farm, Pashley Road
         Ticehurst TN5 7HE, England
       - 27 UK pounds
       - Old Colony Sound Lab, P.O. Box 243, Peterborough, NH 03458
       - Tel. (603) 924-6371, 924-6526
       - Fax: (603) 924-9467
       - $57 USA and Canada per year

   Embedded Systems Programming
       - programming and systems design articles
       - Miller Freeman Publications
       - 500 Howard St., San Francisco, CA  94105
       - (415) 397-1881

   Microcomputer Journal (formerly Computer Craft)
       - programming and constructions articles
       - 76 N. Broadway, Hicksville, NY  11801
       - $18.95 one year, foreign $23.00, foreign air mail $76.00

   Midnight Engineering
       - 1700 Washington Ave., Rocky Road, CO  81067
       - (719)254-4553

4.2)  Books on the PIC

   I don't have much information on this, only that one exists.  I
   would greatly appreciate it if someone could provide a short
   and the complete book name, as my copy has not been delivered
   [it's in the post, honest !]

4.3)  Miscellaneous documentation on the PIC

   MicroChip Technology Incorporated
       - application notes

5)  What's next.

   I'm working on it...... Suggestions welcome.

   I would like to thank the following individuals who have


Copyright (c) 1994 by T.A.Kellett, all rights reserved.
Tom Kellett    < >

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