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'Blocked email SPAM [OT]'
2000\03\21@105224 by jamesnewton

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I have a thought for the spam thing. I want to find the addresses used by
the spammers and post them on the page that my server automatically replaces
every page with when it detects that it is being indexed by other than a
search engine. Hopefully, the spammers will fill up on thier own addresses.

As an extension of this idea, is there anyway to use the spammer technique
of relaying with a false from address to the "if you want to be removed from
this list" address that most of the spam contains (which A. gets your email
address confirmed so they will be sure to send you more spam or B. adds you
to another spam list) with remove and another spammers email address? If the
remove is legit, nothing bad happens, if its a spam trap, some other spammer
gets spammed.

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2000\03\21@112605 by Alan Pearce

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One way of trying to block spam is have any mailto link on a web page set up to
be " My name <webmaster@> " as this IP address is reserved for "the
machine being sent from" or "mymachine" (depending how you look at it). another
possibility is to substitute postmaster instead of webmaster, or have links to
both. You will need to have an explanatory note on another address which will
not be picked up on a bot automatically trawling for addresses.

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