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'Blew up my PICSTART 16B last night.'
1995\04\03@093807 by Paul Greenwood

> Hmmm, you mean with the pins sticking up in the air? :)  I have done it
> hundreds of times w/o any problems

VERY funny!!!

> Go down to altex or MC Howards(both just south of IBM) and get a new
> 4066BE desolder the old one and replace it.  I have had one go bad on me
> too(if that is in fact what yours is).  Check the crystal and make sure
> it is osc'ing.  Check the 7805 and make sure it is regulating to 5V and
> not something like 20.

So, what is a 4066?  I don't remember even seeing it on the board.  If it was
on the board, it wasn't hot.  Do you remember the scenerio with yours?  Did
the 4066 get hot on you?

> Zerox the invoice.  Change the data to 9 months ago by cutting out
> numbers with an exacto knife.  Paste them on the xroxed invoice.  Xerox
> again.  Cool! now its not a year old :)

:)  Yeah, yeah!


           -- Paul Greenwood --  (

But scientists, who ought to know
Assure us that it must be so.
Oh, let us never, never doubt
What nobody is sure about.
               -- Hilaire Belloc

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