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'Battery life calculation'
2011\03\13@100047 by Olin Lathrop

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Andre Abelian wrote:
> What's the best way to calculate battery life if boost converter is
> evolved.
> 1. I have boost converter that starts at 0.9v and batteries I
> used are 2xAA at this moment I have 2 rechargeable batteries
> each one is 2000 mah total voltage battery side is 2.4v and
> output of boost converter is 3.3v standby current boost converter
> takes 6ma assuming every thing else is disabled or in sleep.  I
> made a mistake in schematic by not enabling burst mode. it
> suppose to be 38uA on stand by mode not 6ma. LTC3402

Huh?  Try breaking up separate thoughts into separate sentences.

In any case, a switching power supply produces output power that is the
input power times the efficiency.  Or you can flip that around to say input
power is the output power divided by the efficiency.  Look at what power you
are using, divide that by the efficiency of the switching power supply, and
that's the power the battery is putting into the switching power supply.

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