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'Battery Charger -Reply'
1996\11\15@203210 by Chee Foon Tiang

>Dear Peter,
>I you do hear about anything, please let me know.  I am trying to use 4 NiMH
>batteries in a pack and need a battery charger.  Thanks.  Brian.

   If you specifically used only NiMH batteries, then your
   life is much easier.
   Charge termination method:
   i.    dT/dt   - monitor the rate of change in temperature, normally
                   you would terminate at 0.8C/min
   ii.   -deltaV - monitor the drop in battery terminal voltage during
                   charging. Normally -8mV/cell. 1 cell = 1.2V
   iii.  Max V, Max T and timer cutoff thrown in for good measure.

   In your case of 4 battery packs, is it in series or parallel?


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