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'Back-EMF catch diodes slowing solenoid response'
2008\08\25@170151 by Picbits Sales

I've had a similar problem with some fast stepper motors.

I ended up using some zener diodes as snubbers and it greatly improved the
response time.

I've noticed on a recent pair of scanners I've stripped they used the
ULN2003 on the stepper drive stage but put a zener in series with the
snubber pin on the ULN then fed this to +ve.



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2008\08\25@181548 by Bruce James

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I worked on a solenoid switcher design a few years back that needed  
fast response and I think we used Tranzorbs which are a bit like back  
to back zeners..... Just looked up the schematic. They were P6KE100CA.  
Obviously you'll need to use ones that suit your design.


On 25 Aug 2008, at 22:01, Picbits Sales wrote:

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