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PICList Thread
1997\10\16@213236 by WF AUTOMA‚̀O

Did someone do this routine with the assembly of PIC?


1997\10\17@065317 by Ricardo Seixas

       Here is a 16 bit BIN->BCD.
       I don't know who's the original author but it works fine.

;----------------- Laser Cut Here ------------------------
;Converts Binary to BCD
;Enter with 16 bit binary in LowByte/HighByte
;Exits with 5 digit packed BCD in R0,R1,R2

Bin_2_BCD       bcf     STATUS,C        ; clear carry bit first
               movlw   10h             ; number of bits
               movwf   Count
               clrf    R0
               clrf    R1
               clrf    R2
               rlf     LowByte
               rlf     HighByte
               rlf     R2
               rlf     R1
               rlf     R0

               decfsz  Count,f
               goto    AdjustDEC

AdjustDEC       movlw   R2
               movwf   FSR
               call    AdjustBCD

               movlw   R1
               movwf   FSR
               call    AdjustBCD

               movlw   R0
               movwf   FSR
               call    AdjustBCD

               goto    loop16

AdjustBCD       movlw   3           ; enter with FSR pointing
               addwf   0,w         ; to the BCD digit being shifted
               movwf   TEMP
               btfsc   TEMP,3
               movwf   0
               movlw   30h
               addwf   0,w
               movwf   TEMP
               btfsc   TEMP,7
               movwf   0


>Did someone do this routine with the assembly of PIC?
>        Miguel.

1997\10\17@071559 by WF AUTOMA‚̀O

Ricardo Seixas wrote:
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Falou!!! Amigo!


1997\10\17@142043 by Mike Keitz

picon face
On Fri, 17 Oct 1997 08:52:19 -0300 Ricardo Seixas
<spam_OUTrseixasTakeThisOuTspamCICLONE.COM.BR> writes:
>        Here is a 16 bit BIN->BCD.
>        I don't know who's the original author but it works fine.
[code removed]

The routine is in a Microchip app note, though it's probably much older
than that.  The principle that it uses is to repeatedly multiply the BCD
number by 2 (first by 'adjusting' it, then shifting left 1 bit).  After
the shift, the low bit is taken from the binary number.  The first bit
shifted into the BCD number is the MSB of the binary number, so it is
multiplied by 2 n times.  This isn't a bad way to convert to decimal,
especially for large numbers.

I've rewritten the app note code a little to make it smaller.  This code
also converts 24-bit numbers, producing an 8 digit result. (2^^24 =
16,777,216).  The code below has been tested.  It requires use of the
indirect addressing system (FSR), a 1 byte loop counter (ii), 3 bytes for
the original number (bin..bin+2, LSB first), and 4 bytes for the BCD
result (bcd..bcd+3, LSB first).

; b2bcd
; Converts a 24-bit binary number to 8 digits of BCD.
; Derived from AN526.
;  Input: Number at bin...bin+2 LSB first
;  Output: Packed BCD at bcd...bcd+3 LSB first.
;  RAM : ii, FSR, 4 bytes at bcd.
;  Input number at bin is destroyed.
       movlw   d'24'           ;Do 24 bits
       movwf   ii
       clrf    bcd+0           ;Clear the result
       clrf    bcd+1
       clrf    bcd+2
       clrf    bcd+3
       rlf     bin+0,f         ;Rotate one bit out of left end of
       rlf     bin+1,f
       rlf     bin+2,f
; If you want to return with the original value in bin (rather than
;  garbage), copy the C bit into the low bit of bin here.
;  (Not tested)
;;      bcf     bin+0,0         ;Assume C=0,
;;      skpnc                   ;if it is, OK
;;      bsf     bin+0,0         ;otherwise put 1 in.

       rlf     bcd+0,f         ;and into the low byte of BCD.
       rlf     bcd+1,f
       rlf     bcd+2,f
       rlf     bcd+3,f

       decfsz  ii,f            ;Decrement count
       goto    b2bcd2          ;Not done yet, adjust.
       retlw   0

b2bcd2  movlw   bcd+0
       movwf   FSR
       call    adjbcd
       incf    FSR,f           ;to bcd+1
       call    adjbcd
       incf    FSR,f
       call    adjbcd
       incf    FSR,f           ;Last one.
       call    adjbcd
       goto    b2bcdl
; adjbcd adjusts the byte at FSR.  Used by b2bcd.
; Rewritten adjbcd.  Doesn't require tmp.
       movlw   h'33'
       addwf   INDF,f          ;Add to low and high nybbles
       btfsc   INDF,3
       andlw   b'11110000'     ;Result >7 . OK
       btfsc   INDF,7
       andlw   b'00001111'     ;Hi > 7 OK.
       subwf   INDF,f          ;Result <=7, subtract back.

1998\02\11@085345 by Andy Kunz
I think this is one I posted, based upon the Microchip app note.


At 09:13 AM 10/17/97 -0700, you wrote:
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Andy Kunz - Statistical Research, Inc. - Westfield, New Jersey USA

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