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'BASIC STAMP1 Software Freeware?'
1997\09\08@190150 by Antti Lukats

At 06:22 PM 8/9/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Is it the BASIC STAMP1 Software Freeware?

yes and no. the stamp I/II editors are. the firmware is not.

you can get stamp I editor/downloader from Parallax website

Stamp I editor is capable to program PIC16C58 chips
with 'enbedded interpreter' with no royalty fees, ie you can
write as many as you want. Well Parallax programmer required :(

well as far as it goes for Stamp I, AT90S1200 will alwasy fit
Stamp I programs. Also Mel Basic Compiler could be used for
PIC16C84 to be programmed with Basic Stamp compiled code.
well thats not free.

there are some more free solutions, but currently no one
of them are truly Stamp I compatible or very useable.


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