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PICList Thread
'Avoid Duplicate Messages (Was: Re: Software contro'
1998\12\22@215521 by James Cameron

D. Schouten wrote:
> (I'm sorry if this message was posted twice. I received some errors)

Apology accepted, however please read and understand the errors you
received.  If the errors say, and I quote ...

       "Your message to spam_OUTPICLISTTakeThisOuTspamMITVMA.MIT.EDU
       did not reach the following recipient(s):

Then this means that your message did not reach one particular address
out of however many we have on the list right now.

The message should also give the reason.  If it says "Unknown
Recipient", chances are that the address on the list doesn't exist any
more, and sending the message again will achieve nothing.

If you enable copies to yourself of what you post, that may help,
because then you will know that it has been delivered by the list
server.  Mail the list server administration address to do that.

James Cameron                                      (

OpenVMS, Linux, Firewalls, Software Engineering, CGI, HTTP, X, C, FORTH,
COBOL, BASIC, DCL, csh, bash, ksh, sh, Electronics, Microcontrollers,
Disability Engineering, Netrek, Bicycles, Pedant, Farming, Home Control,
Remote Area Power, Greek Scholar, Tenor Vocalist, Church Sound, Husband.

"Specialisation is for insects." -- Robert Heinlein.

1998\12\23@021020 by Mark Willis

Note to all:  Jory nuked or will nuke the Speastech bouncer, per my
request <G>  (There's another one coming, probably!)


James Cameron wrote:
{Quote hidden}

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