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PICList Thread
'Atmel discussion mailing list anouncement'
1997\05\20@153305 by atmel

Hi All,

I'll keep this announcement as short as possible.

There is new list that was created for discussion about Atmel
reprogrammable semiconductors, vis. microcontrollers, FPGAs and
non-volatile memories.

You may check out instructions and information about joining
the list at the following URL :

Please send all follow ups to this message to the Atmel list
rather than this list.

This announcement is being posted to various technical
mailing lists I am a member of so you may receive multiple
(up to 5) copies.  I beg your indulgence on this matter.

Kalle Pihlajasaari
Interface Products   P O Box 15775, DOORNFONTEIN, 2028, South Africa
+ 27 (11) 402-7750   Fax: 402-7751

DonTronics, Silicon Studio and Wirz Electronics uP Product Dealer

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