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'Another modem question.'
1998\09\11@042901 by Caisson

> Van: Rogerio Odriozola <spam_OUTRogerio_OdriozolaTakeThisOuTspamTVAMTY.COM.MX>
> Aan: .....PICLISTKILLspamspam@spam@MITVMA.MIT.EDU
> Onderwerp: OT: Another modem question.
> Datum: donderdag 10 september 1998 23:17
> Thanks for all the answers, I guess I found out that's not what I was
> looking for. What I need is to connect some sort of modem to an audio
> on end A, "hear it" 5 miles away at end B and do the same back from B to
> I've seen stand alone modem chips but too slow (300 bps and 1200 bps). I
> need 9600.
> Is there a way to bypass the phone part of the modem?

AFAIK if your modem supports the hayes codes you should be able to pick up
the phone & listen (ATH1 - pick up receiver), providing you set the other
to "Originator".

By the way, if your audio-line is a single connection between points A and
B (a DC coupling I mean) you could opt for a Current-loop construction.
Even a PIC 16C84 could that transmit & receive at 9600 baud ...

> Maybe two different tone generators and two tone decoders (one = 0 the
> other = 1)? Would that be fast enough?
> Thankyou for the answers once again!

That would be somewhat slow.  The tone-decoders have a none-to-fast

 Rudy Wieser

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