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'Another PIC user introduction'
1995\01\26@184928 by Tracy R. Reed

On Thu, 26 Jan 1995, Paul Haas wrote:

> For your entertainment the hottub is at:
> The refrigerator is at:

Hahahahahahahaha!!!! That's great! Sorry to hear about the rubber duckie,
I know it must have been quite a blow. What a gratuitous use of
electronics. :) Perhaps I will be able to set up something like this
someday. Your setup ranks right up there with the coke machine at MIT and
the coffee pot in some guys office at some place I cannot remember at the
moment. I'm gonna add a link to your appliances from my homepage. :)
There's only one thing missing...a camera on the hottub to show us what
(or who) is going on there! :)

1995\01\26@185756 by Robert Dale Bourque

picon face
Hello everone,

My name is Robert Bourque, and I am a senior EE student at the
University of Maryland.  My introduction to PIC's was through my
senior project, which is to design a 50 MHz digital scope.
We (there are 5 in the group) used a PIC for the PC-scope communication
and to setup the various components on the board prior to each
memory-capture period (which is controlled by a MACH).

My main responsibility in the project has been the PIC programming,
as well as some of the CAD layout.

I have co-op'ed with General Dynamics and also with TeleDanmark, the
Danish telecomm.  I am now taking my last class at night, and finishing
the scope project in my spare time.  I still have my student job on
campus (office gopher) but am really interested in finding a full-time
engineering job doing hardware/software related to realtime control, etc.

I am quite interested in the robotics applications of PIC's too.

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