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'Another IRDA source'
1995\06\21@134408 by Doug Smith

Another possible way to do IRDA is with the CS8130 chip from Crystal
Simicondutor.  They faxed over specs and sent a data book and it looks
pretty good.  The chip will do IRDA and a few other IR protocols.  There
is an evaluation board available but I haven't ordered mine yet.  I'll
let you know more about it after I get one to play with.  Here is the
contact person who sent me the information...

>   Brent Wilson
>   Infrared Applications Engineer
>   Crystal Semiconductor Corp.
>   email:
>   Tel: 512 912 3554
>   Fax: 512 445 2831
>   t/f: 800 888 5016 ext 3554

Doug Smith, SGA * Loves Park, IL *
AppleLink: G0231 * CompuServe: 72727,3532

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