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PICList Thread
'Andy's Annual Challenge #2: 10-Bit Binary-to-BCD '
1995\08\25@010125 by Andrew Warren

A couple of days ago, someone (I don't remember who) asked for a 10-Bit
binary-to-BCD converter.  Below is the best converter I could come up
with.  It'll actually do a little more than 10 bits; it works on all
binary inputs from 0 to 1285.

Since it's that time of year again, I'm offering to buy a beer for the
first person who a) can explain how the code works, and b) will be at
the Embedded Systems Conference on Tuesday, September 12th.

If you won't be attending the Conference, post an explanation anyway...
I'll drink your beer for you.

   REGA    EQU     [any file register]
   REGB    EQU     [any file register]
   REGC    EQU     [any file register]

   ; Enter with 10-bit binary number in REGB:REGC (high 2 bits in bits
   ; 1 and 0 of REGB, low 8 bits in REGC).  Exits with BCD equivalent
   ; in REGA:REGB (thousands/hundreds digits in REGA, tens/ones in
   ; REGB).
   ;Executes in 113 cycles.

   BIN2BCD MOVLW   00000001B
           MOVWF   REGA

           RLF     REGB
           RLF     REGA

           BC      DONE

           MOVLW   003H
           ADDWF   REGB
           BTFSS   REGB,3
           SUBWF   REGB

           MOVLW   030H
           ADDWF   REGB
           BTFSS   REGB,7
           SUBWF   REGB

           GOTO    B2BLOOP

   DONE    ....


P.S. Terry Rudersdorfer solved last year's "Square Root" challenge,
posted on the Microchip BBS. Is he on the PICLIST?  Maybe he can make
it two-for-two...

Andrew Warren -
Fast Forward Engineering, Vista, California

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