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'Andy's space shuttle, was Re: [PICS] Strobes'
1998\10\29@080103 by cousens

Alan King wrote:
>  Only problem with this way is is making decay enough
> to detect 60khz pulses

I think Andy meant 60K pulses per minute for the optical tachometer
(three bladed propeller ?)

If the prop's in the water I don't think the engine will be doing
much over 15krpm

The tacho would only need to measure up to 20krpm = or 333hz
(unless you use 25% fuel <G>)

Peter Cousens
email:  phone: + 3081 380534
snailmail:  Folia, Agia Fotini, Karteros, Heraklion  Crete, Greece.

Is it true that they have, on the new version of windows
managed to increase the MTBF from 95 to 98 minutes ?
(That's why they called it 95)

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