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'Also!: looking for CUSTOM equipment housing [OT]'
1998\11\24@124808 by Osama ALASSIRY

does anybody know anybody/anywhere that can create "relatively cheap"
custom molded casings, (in qty <100)

Many ideas look so professional with a "non-rectangular" custom case. (e.g.
an intercom device should look like a phone, some devices, such as timers,
may look best in a tamagotchi-like casing)

At 12:01 24/11/98 , you wrote:
>What size housing do you need?
>{Original Message removed}

1998\11\24@142220 by Lee Jones

>>> I'm looking for a small casing to accommodate my circuit

> does anybody know anybody/anywhere that can create "relatively
> cheap" custom molded casings, (in qty <100)

Well, you could mold them yourself.

(At least here in the US,) the plastic modeling hobby industry
has RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) molding compound and 2
part mixes of casting resins.  How-to articles appear in the
hobby magazines.  The vendors would probably be happy to give
you instructions too.

They're usually used to create multiples of small, intricate
parts.  There's an entire sub-industry that makes low volume
add-on pieces and modification kits using these methods.

Hand tool one case out of anything handy.  Same hobby industry
and hobby shops have sheet plastic, fillers, etc.  Add rods to
create a channel for the casting compound.  Use the RTV to make
a mold (2 step process); let cure.  Split the mold & remove the
master.  Reassemble the mold, pour in casting compound, wait,
split mold, & take out case piece.

For small production runs, use the masters to make 5 or 10 molds
from RTV.  Then you can cast 5 or 10 pieces at once.

Going through this process even once will give you a very good
appreciation of how to design custom cases to ease the molding
process.  When you ramp up to high volume, you will make your
molding company much happier.

The higher temperature grade RTVs will even allow casting with
low temperature metals, such as "white metal".

                                               Lee Jones

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