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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'[OT] Alphanumeric LED display panels'
1999\03\04@092053 by Howard McGinnis
1999\03\04@170636 by erik
1999\03\05@005302 by Bob Blick
1999\03\08@123319 by John Payson

'[PICLIST] PIC: 16F84 + Alphanumeric LCD, code loop'
2000\08\03@051411 by Paul Reilly
'[PICLIST] 16F84 + Alphanumeric LCD, code looping?'
2000\08\03@052031 by McMeikan, Andrew
2000\08\03@052910 by ruben
2000\08\03@055434 by Paul Reilly
2000\08\03@083053 by Scott Dattalo

'[EE]: Smart Alphanumeric Displays'
2002\06\09@223050 by rusque (listas)

'[PIC]: Good Alphanumeric LCD resource needed!!'
2002\07\15@181903 by Oliver Spencer
2002\07\15@183359 by Lyle Hazelwood
2002\07\15@210905 by Jinx
2002\07\15@235532 by Jeremy Walworth
2002\07\16@004514 by Tal (Zapta)
2002\07\16@012744 by Matt Pobursky
2002\07\16@015739 by Tony Nixon
2002\07\16@030918 by MATTHEWS, DEAN (D.)
'[PIC]: Alphanumeric display code...'
2002\07\17@040133 by Oliver Spencer
2002\07\17@071023 by Carlos Ojea
2002\07\17@074529 by Drew Vassallo
2002\07\17@091333 by MATTHEWS, DEAN (D.)
2002\07\17@092350 by Riaz Ahamed
2002\07\17@181432 by Oliver Spencer
'[PIC]: Alphanumeric display code... - Sorry,'
2002\07\17@181649 by Oliver Spencer
2002\07\18@023409 by MATTHEWS, DEAN (D.)

'[SX] Siemens alphanumeric display'
2005\07\26@201908 by Vertex78n/a
2005\07\26@202254 by Vertex78n/a
2005\07\27@102154 by Coriolisn/a
2005\07\27@201757 by Chris Savagen/a
2005\07\27@205934 by Coriolisn/a
2005\07\28@165632 by Vertex78n/a
2005\07\29@052557 by Coriolisn/a
2005\07\30@214525 by Coriolisn/a

'[EE] Any Alphanumeric Fonts 5x10 For Windoze?'
2006\01\28@162008 by Bob Axtell
2006\01\28@164856 by Jose Da Silva
2006\01\28@182250 by Steve Smith
2006\01\28@185045 by Mark Rages
2006\01\28@231207 by Bob Axtell
2006\01\29@012936 by Denny Esterline

'[PIC][EE] Problems Driving Alphanumeric LCD Displa'
2008\01\10@152854 by Bob Axtell
2008\01\10@154026 by Bob Axtell
2008\01\10@154628 by Maarten Hofman
2008\01\10@161411 by Bob Axtell
2008\01\10@163016 by Bob Axtell
2008\01\10@164940 by Bob Axtell
2008\01\10@165904 by Maarten Hofman
2008\01\10@175422 by Bob Axtell

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