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'All: Re: [ADMIN] Mail attachment problems'
2000\10\16@001552 by Mike

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James Newton wrote:
> I've looked into this a bit and frankly have no clue what could be causing
> it. When Mike gets past finals or Mark gets past his current project I'll
> ask them for help.

Finals?  Not for another month and a half.  Midterms is what was kicking my
butt the past few weeks. ::grin:: But I think I survived.

> Since there doesn't seem to be a clear link between the email client and
> this problem (some people with the same version of the program have the
> problem and others don't) and since it started a few weeks ago, and is not
> consistent, I'm guessing its an ISP / server routing issue. That being the
> case, it might help if we had headers from each person affected, one from a
> message that had the problem and one from a message that doesn't.

Same thing I would have asked for.  Or even just for the folks having this
problem to look and see if the offending messages have any sort of pattern
to them - perhaps all of the problem messages are coming from a certain
group of senders.  Like perhaps a particular ISP's outgoing mail server is
going a bit wacked.

If any of the folks having this trouble can identify some of the messages
that were causing this trouble, let me know a few of them - off list
preferably - and I'll take a look at the message here and see if I can find
anything odd.  To pin down the message, the best info for me would probably
be the sender, the date / time stamp, and the subject line.

Another thing I'd like to ask is about the error message mentioned.  Does
this message come from Eudora?  Or is it coming from the server that Eudora
is getting the mail from?

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2000\10\16@232118 by Mark Willis

Mike wrote:
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Been thinking on this;  Same idea here - Nothing much to contribute,
seems like a path-created problem?  So scanning paths in the headers of
many GOOD and BAD messages is probably THE way to figure this one out...


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