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'Addendum to PORTB and interrupts'
1997\08\22@160806 by Tejpal Singh


My following 2 queries is regarding the PIC17C42A (rather PIC17CXX) series.

1. When the TMR3 control register is configured for one period and one
capture register and the f a Capture event occurs on CAP2 pin will the
CA2IF and RBIF both get set?

2. If the pin TCLK12 is set for external clock input, will the PORT B cause
interrupt everytime  clock pulse is applied to this pin, ie will RBIF get
set everytime?

If somebody can help me understand the PORT B behaviour more cleary it
would just GREAT.


Tejpal Singh,
River Run Software Group
4815 Emperor Blvd. #100
DURHAM, NC 27703 (USA)
Ph#  (919) 941-0722
Fax# (919) 941-0527

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