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'ActiveX, Stamp, Pic, PicBasic Pro, VB, Web design '
2000\03\04@092606 by Darren Logan

picon face
Good day to you,

   I'm in the early development stages of creating a bundle
   of ActiveX controls for the electronics engineer to use in
   his / her windows applications (such as Visual Basic, Delphi,
   Visual C or any other language which supports ActiveX technology).

   The controls will consist of LED's, Bargraphs, LCD displays,
   Relays etc. etc.

   I'm giving away the relay control FREE. It's real easy to use.

   A Visual Basic example:

   1) Add the relay control to your VB project in the normal way.
   It's called Relay.ocx

   Place the relay onto your form. The control will appear as
   a graphic of a relay in the "open" state, and by default is
   given the name Relay1

   To change the relay state, put the following code into your
   VB app (maybe associated with button clicks):

   To open the relay add the code:

   Relay1.State = "open"

   To close the relay add the code:

   Relay1.State = "closed"

   That's it!

   If you would like the relay control for FREE, please e-mail me
   at with the subject heading as "Free relay control"

   If you have any ideas as to a) how this control could be improved or b)
   any other controls you would like, please drop me an email.

   I plan to sell the bundle of controls through my web site which will
   be launched within 4 to 6 weeks from now. Along with PIC,
   Basic Stamp, Visual Basic, PicBaisc Pro tools, Web page design
   tools and offers to name a few things!.

   Projects in the pipeline are:
   1) General purpose PID control circuit (using a PIC)
   - P.I and D / other settings programmed through a simple to use
   windows interface. Will come with a basic tutorial on how P.I.D
   digital controllers work for those who are interested.
   2) PIC based digital multimeter kit (Windows interface)
   3) Electronics ActiveX bundle
   4) Simple Web page design offers (lowest cost ever!)
   5) PIC over the internet (longer term - before end of the year hopefully!)
   6) Multi-purpose pic-based data acquisition system
   plus many more

   other off topic subjects:

   1) Make money on the stock market using online stockbrokers
   2) Where to find FREE video games and FREE music on the internet
   to run on your pc
   plus many more of my favourite sites

   Im based in Cambridge, UK.This is my first time venture onto the world
wide    web. Im a one-man band with multiple disciplines in the electronics
and     programming field and I can't wait to share them with you. 8-)

       Darren Logan BSc

2000\03\04@100417 by Scott Dattalo

On Sat, 4 Mar 2000, Darren Logan wrote:

> Good day to you,

Like wise.
{Quote hidden}

What a coincidence, I'm actively working in X and my stuff is free too -
free in the sense of freedom and not as in free beer.

{Quote hidden}

In my project, gpsim, we'll be working on module interfaces shortly. I
don't have a relay yet, but the LCD is coming around:
I unfortunately don't have a Visual Basic interface although the
interfaces are basically visual. In fact I don't support any language in
particular, but I suppose any language that can open dynamic libraries
would work okay.

>     If you would like the relay control for FREE, please e-mail me
>     at with the subject heading as "Free relay control"
>     If you have any ideas as to a) how this control could be improved or b)



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