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'Acknowledge (Was: Fuzzy controllers)'
1995\09\06@190308 by Ronny H. Kavli

>>(Do not ask me about details regarding this code, as I _not_ am the
>> author of this code - Kavli)
>    No kidding, Ronny... How about asking the authors of FIDE for
>    permission before you go posting their copyrighted code to the
>    world?  Or at least acknowledging the copyright?

Since Andrew Warren has forced me :-) to investigate in this, the
author of the code I supplied is Raymod Carr. I don't know if he was
employed by Aptronix at the time the code was written or if the code
was bought by Aptronix at a later date or whatever.

In any case Raymond should be acknowledged for writing that code.
Newer versions of the code can be found by anonymous ftp at:

Ronny H. Kavli                      This message was composed by 10,000 monkeys                  keying on 10,000 computers.  It was then
Lulea Academic Computer Soc.(Ludd)  merged using COBOL.  This was of course
Lulea University, Sweden            all done under a government contract.

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