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PICList Thread
'About UNSUBSCRIBE, to all'
1999\03\03@172953 by Mark Willis

One problem with long unsub trailers is that they don't always get
snipped off by some posters (I've seen a few posts where someone snipped
off lots of the other posters' POSTS, but left all the unsub trailers.
Ack.)  I joked with one list admin to charge a deposit of $10 to join
her list, then people get a refund if they unsub themselves on their
own, or lose it if tossed for abuse or they ask "how do I unsubscribe?"
list-wide <EG>  (Mostly teasing Mimi, she's a nice character, neither of
us would do such a thing but it's a fun thought <G>)

 Could someone run a list-wide survey, if appropriate?  Does someone
have a program where people could forward an e-mailed survey & we could
see what was voted for?  (Just thinking about it at this point, but
knowing if the resources are out there would be good.  Talk to me
off-list, probably.  Thinking of asking "What's the worst problem(s) you
have on the PICList", and "What do you like the most", etc., and for any
good ideas.)

 A web-based FAQ and unsubscribe location would make good sense, I'll
talk with Jory later & see what he's thought of (He's had more time than
I and has far more experience running his list here!)


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