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'About 16F877-04/P'
1999\09\02@072754 by Leo

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Hi friend,
I have asked to the local vendor (Roma - Italy) about the abailability of

The answer is:
yes we have, on a minimum order of ten at about 8 US dollars each one;
the correct name of the product is 16F877-04/P .

I have asked what means -04/p and the answer is: clock at 4 Mhz maximum.

Looking at

the only speed mentioned is 20 Mhz.

...comments... ...interpretation??



1999\09\02@095620 by Andy Kunz

>the only speed mentioned is 20 Mhz.
>...comments... ...interpretation??

It's a "real" product - I have them on order myself.

You can order the 20MHz product and it will work fine at 4.  I'm using 20's
because they are all I can get right now.


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