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'AW: PIC and laser diode'
2007\03\14@042356 by Peter Feucht


Thanks for your comments.

1. Yes, I thought of regulating the current by any type of PWM.
2. The "very slow ramp" you speak of: What is "very slow" here? Seconds,
3. You speak of "toast very fast". How fast is "very fast" here? ms? µs?

I have no deep experience with lasers so far, just some basic applications
which show the current regulating circuitry realized with 2 transistors or
an opamp. The function itself is trivial but shows due to to analog
technique to bigger delays. So if you can come up with some figures (see
above) I could guess if it can be done with a PIC. BTW, it will be a PIC24H,
so speed is not a big problem.


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