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'AW: [PIC:] Trouble with GP3 on 12F675'
2005\08\03@065130 by Palmed GmbH

How can you do this? Datasheet says, that ALL inputs have pull ups except GPIO3?!?!?
Any tricks?

Peter Feucht

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Dmitriy Kiryashov
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 3. August 2005 01:26
An: Microcontroller discussion list - Public.
Betreff: Re: [PIC:] Trouble with GP3 on 12F675

I suspect that is input only type of pin.
You still can try manipulate it by switching
pull ups on and off.

laura capaldi wrote:
> I've been struggling to figure out why I can set GP1, GP2, GP4 and GP5
without trouble but I can't get GP3 to set. Set meaning I can't get it to go
high and turn on an LED. I'm using a 12F675. I suspect it has something to
do with my config bits because MCLR is on GP3. Here's the simple program I
wrote. I'm hoping someone can help me spot my bug. Thanks.
> ; test1
>  list      p=12F675
>  #include <>
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conversion clock
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2005\08\03@112109 by Dwayne Reid

At 04:55 AM 8/3/2005, Palmed GmbH wrote:
>How can you do this?
>Datasheet says, that ALL inputs have pull ups except GPIO3?!?!?
>Any tricks?

Dimitry is referring to a trick sometimes used with some of the earlier
8-pin parts.  The 12c508 family *does* have a software controlled weak
pull-up option for pin GPIO3.  Newer parts do not have this option.


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