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'AW: [OT] Math for Engineers :-)'
2007\04\13@022857 by Peter Feucht

Well, while this seems to be more than trivial it is sometimes very helpful
to find such basic stuff. I'm a 55 year old German engineer and what I need
for my daily work is of course inside my head, but what if there is anything
you do NOT know? I had such a situation some weeks ago: While I learned how
to calculate a 2-complement during university (>30 years ago) I never needed
this for all my life. Now suddenly I had to create a checksum. Can you
imagine how difficult it is to find basic stuff like this? I tried wikipedia
but the description was so general that it made real problems to translate
it into a software snippet. Finally I digged my university's scripts and
after some hours I had the solution.
So in these cases a very fundamental description may be very helpful, even
if it appears way too trivial for others.


2007\04\13@092647 by Peter Feucht

Hi, Gerhard,

Dreisatz is "Rule of three" (says my dictionary)

And I agree with you that it's really NO design idea.

Regards Peter (Germany)

Where are you located? I'm near Ulm, Southern Part of G.

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