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'ANOTHER PROGRAMMER (Was Re: Parallax or Picstart?)'
1994\09\01@215433 by -Kellogg High School

I have the PGM16 from Advanced Transdata Corporation.  Having never seen
a picstart or paralax programmer, it might be an OEM or clone of one of
them, but in my sample of 2 parallel ports to connect it to (clone
DX-2/66 and Zeos sub-notebook) it runs great.

I regularly travel with the Zeos & programmer.  Very convenient.  Their
real time ICE also runs well on the Contenda - I can't imagine tucking my
desktop system in the back seat of the plane to take my development
system on the road.  AS it is, an old briefcase serves as a complete real
time ICE / programmer capable system.

If anyone knows if this PGM16 critter is a clone of one of the other
programmers please let me know.

/s/ Bill

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