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1995\11\01@214442 by Eric Seeley

>I was interested in doing an frequency counter. Great ! There is an application
>note in the Microchip book (frequency counter, I think the number is an592).
>I read it, and I didn't understand how it works. I thought the best to do is
>to get the file from Microchip and simulated it.
>But, the file was in Postscript. So, I had to type it !
>After simulation, my conclusion is (but perhaps I'm wrong):
> This file can't work !!
> Example: movlw B'10000100' seams to be the instruction to configure the entry
>  port !
>So, my questions are:
> Am I wrong, or some files (or perhaps the most of them) of the Microchip
> book were not tested ? If so, where can I find a list of file tested ?
>Thanks for reply
>Yves Bergeon
>I have come to the same conclussion re AN592, however I am using the "it's
the thought that counts" and used the general idea, i.e. gating the RTCC
(TMR0 on the 'c74, which I'm using) and the use of a I/O port to pull  the
external frequency source low when you are not counting and a fixed software
delay to set the gate period.  I am also interested in inputs from others on
this app note as well as a source for the 3 wire led LT8522.

Thanks, Eric

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