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'ADC Output? How to convert Digital to Analog?'
2000\02\05@033457 by Darren King

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2000\02\05@045949 by paulb

> Darren King wrote:

> One more question for tonite.  I've not been able to get this to work,
> but is it possible to output Analog Signals through one of the ports
> on a PicMicro?  There are only certain types of chips that have a DAC
> port?

 This is done using PWM - pulse width modulation.  It requires an
integrating capacitor and resistor, and usually, an analog buffer
following the capacitor unless your controlled device has an inherently
high input impedance.

 Now, *some* PICs have hardware to do this with no software support
other than setting registers for pulse width and cycle, once for each
new (different) output value.

 Any PIC can however generate PWM waveforms, especially if you don't
want to do any other processing while this is done.  There are certain
constraints on resolution, specifically the "granularity" of the pulse
times when these are determined by code.  This granularity is in the
order of microseconds - if your integrating interval is in the order of
seconds, you can still get very high resolution.
       Paul B.

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