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'AD: LCD Graphic display'
1999\02\26@135526 by Mike Henning

For those of you that need a little more versatilty in a display; I have put
together a nice graphical lcd display that is affordable.

Some of the features are:

128 x 64 pixel display w/ LED backlight
Rs232 serial control
Multiple fonts   (User can create his own)
Standard font gives a 20 x 8 line display
User can create 16 full screen graphics on a PC and download to the display
for instant recall.
Mix fonts and graphics on the same screen

There are many options, I will try to get pictures and more details on my
web site in the next week or so. These will be ready for shipment by the end
of next week.

The cost will be $89.00 qty. 1

Please direct any questions to my personal email address:

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