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PICList Thread
1995\09\02@104027 by Kalle Pihlajasaari

> >Access bus is apparently an implementation of a moderately fast I2C
> >bus that is going to be the new PC interface standard.  Information

> >describing the integration of microchip products onto the Access BUS.
> >I did not have a chance to read thedoc yet (only 2 sides) but will check
> >it out in the morning.
> Please tell us what MicroChip writes in this dos, I would greatly
> appreciate it...

It turns out that it is quite vague about the actual support, more of a
catch your eye type of flyer (caught my eye).

SubT: Microchip offers a variety of IC products and tools that support
     ACCESS.bus systems.
SubTback: Microchip's ACCESS.bus products are optimised for
         performance, low power consumption, small
         footprint and field programability.
Offers 8-bit microcontrollers, high-density EEPROMs and battey control devices
as solutions.

It mentions that the 16C64 (40 pin) has biult-in firmware support for
slave mode ACCESS.bus operation and field programmability.

Gives main points of serial EEPROMs in hte 1-64kbit range.

Mentions mouse and battery monitor embedded solutions.

Suggests that one speak to a local salees office for more A.b support


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