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PICList Thread
'A short PICLIST Fund update'
1996\10\15@044908 by fastfwd


This is just a quick update on the Fund... I'll post a more-complete
report next week.

The Fund has collected several hundred dollars for Jory Bell, our
esteemed list-master.  We've received donations from all over the
world -- South Africa, Australia, the UK, Canada, etc. -- but
surprisingly, not as large a percentage as I had expected from the
USA.  Strange.

Anyway, there's a PICLIST Fund FAQ on my company's web page now...
Please read it before donating to the Fund.

Remember:  Anyone CAN donate; no one HAS to.


P.S.  Thanks to all those who've already donated; I'll post an
     updated list next week.

Andrew Warren -
Fast Forward Engineering, Vista, California

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