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'A Place to visit'
1996\03\20@225823 by staff

                              *  NOTICE *
Our research indicates that you may be interested in receiving this
material. If this is not the case, you may easily take yourself off of our list
with our sincere
apologies and we will not attempt  to contact you again. Simply send an Email
to: and put "remove" in the subject line.

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If you have all the freedom and money you have ever hoped for - stop
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But, if you have ever thought about what it would be like to be your
own boss, make your own hours, and achieve financial success on YOUR terms,
then we have one simple announcement to make personally to YOU:

     ****** announcing: "ENTREPRENEUR HQ"  ******
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We realize it is not our place to tell you what YOUR financial or
lifestyle goals and objectives should be! That is why we have built this
"Opportunities" mall, and filled it with ONLY the best, PROVEN
opportunities of every description, including:
** Home-Based Business Opportunities
** Franchise Business Opportunities
** Investment Opportunities
** MLM and Network Marketing Opportunities
** Mail-Order Business Opportunities
** Vending Business Opportunities
** Distributorship Opportunities

PLUS, supplemental categories of:
** Business Services
** Legal Services

Again, the URL is
DONT DELAY! As the big corporations announce layoff after layoff, and
job security becomes a thing of the past, it becomes more and more apparent
that TRUE freedom and security can only come from being your own boss, on
YOUR OWN TERMS. You will find at Entrepreneur HQ the companies and people
who stand ready to assist you in realizing YOUR dreams as millions have already
done! Come to Entrepreneur HQ right away and browse...Your first steps on the
road to success are merely a few mouse clicks away....
We look forward to your arrival and imminent success!

* CV Communications                             *
* Your Complete Business Opportunities Website  *
*                               *
* (603)431-3990 phone (603)431-3893 fax         *
* URL email*
* PO Box 4635 Portsmouth, NH 03802              *

1996\03\20@230724 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs

AAAARRGH. My apologies to all for replying to the list instead of the


Clyde Smith-Stubbs       | HI-TECH Software,       | Voice: +61 7 3300 5011      | P.O. Box 103, Alderley, | Fax:   +61 7 3300 5246  | QLD, 4051, AUSTRALIA.   | BBS:   +61 7 3300 5235
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