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PICList Thread
'A Better Mousetrap'
2006\05\15@202939 by James Newtons Massmind

face picon face

This is a great story. In the navy, the older guys would always start these
sorts of stories with "Now, this is no shit." Which was a signal to everyone
"in the know" that it was pure B.S. Of course, the new guys didn't know


From: Chadwick, Robert
Sent: 2006 May 15, Mon 15:40
Subject: A Better Mousetrap


       In my capacity as a PICList lurker I feel duty bound
to comment, particularly as the efficacy of the common house cat
as a keeper-away of polar bears  seems to be getting discussed.

       Reminded me of a situation I was in about 30 years ago while serving
the US Air Force. Seems one of our younger troops had just received notice
that his next duty station was to be Thule, Greenland. While sitting around
drinking beer and discussing these tidings, one of the older troops, who had

been to Thule a couple years back, related a fact about the polar bears
that lived there.

       Seems that they'd learned a trick or two. Polar bears blend in with
the snow, and tend to be hard to see. You have to look carefully, as
frequently all
that is visible is the bear's nose, it being black. There was a general
caution issued
to all new arrivals, "Keep an eye out for bear noses when moving from
building to building".

       Worked pretty good for a while. Then the casualty rate went up
Investigation revealed that the bears had discovered that they could sneak
up on
the GI's by simply holding a paw over their noses and hobbling toward their
on three legs.

       Having been told this story, our lad's eyes got as big as saucers..
"Geez.. they sure have smart bears there... I better watch out.."
and all around the lad you could hear the strangling sound of guys choking
on their beer trying (unsuccessfully) not to laugh.

       While I have your undivided attention, I must say, thanks for the
As stated, I am a constant lurker (for some reason Harris Corp's firewall
not seem to let me post stuff). I read the mail almost daily, and find both
technical discussions and the OT stuff very readable and useful. It is also
to observe the personal interactions.

       If you think this tale would be of interest, you have my permission
post it..

       Thanks, again

       Bob Chadwick
       Harris Corporation
       Palm Bay, FL


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